Subject Re: [ib-support] extremely cheap database
Author Woody
From: "Helen Borrie" <helebor@...>

>That's right. But there is no "IB Open Source". Borland has "InterBase
Open >Edition" which is available from the InterBase tree on Sourceforge.
It is only the >source code though - you have to build it before you can do
anything with it. (The >6.0.1 binaries on the Borland site are ancient
betas...and Borland is not going to >distribute any more free binaries).

I downloaded fully compiled binaries and have never even seen the source.

>You can use and distribute the buggy IB 6.0.1 binaries free. You can build
database >software from the Open Edition code free and distribute it free.
You can call it any >name you like except "InterBase".

This isn't exactly right, Helen. For one, I have yet to have any problems
but maybe I don't use some of the features where these are exhibited. Two,
it is still called Interbase no matter what you do with it. There is only a
special agreement regarding how you claim that your program is an Interbase
application. If you want to claim that your app if "powered by Interbase",
then you must put it in certain terms. I don't remember off-hand what the
exact wording was, but this discussion just occurred on one of the Borland
NGs and was answered by one of the Team B guys.