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Author Helen Borrie
At 11:48 AM 16-10-01 -0500, Mike Grover wrote:
>Yes, the word "BUG" scares us programmer's <g>
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In Open Source, "Bug" should give you great comfort. In the first place, we have hackers whose favourite occupation is to FIND bugs. In the second place, we have some very fine C programmers who can analyse bug reports and provide virtually instant confirmation of a bug or (as in this case) a just as instant explanation of the bug in *your* code that caused the wrong behaviour.

In the case of bugs that can't be "quick-fixed" the workaround (and there nearly always is one) is known within hours.

Microsoft, Borland, Oracle and IBM can't lick that. For them "Bug" hurts and, like surgeons, they bury their mistakes. For us, "Bug" motivates.


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