Subject Re: [ib-support] NOT NULL constraints and the System Tables
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
""Martijn Tonies"" <m.tonies@...> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I've just tested with the latest FB release and IB too, just modifying the
RDB$NULL_FLAG does the trick. But, when setting it to 0 or NULL, the
constraint in rdb$relation_constraints and rdb$check_constraints doesn't get
dropped automagically... Is this as expected or not?

Those inconsistencies are expected as you are observing a constraints system
mounted over an older constraints system, same as the SQL security model was
mounted over the GDML, ACL-based security model. It would be nice to clean
the house a bit. Maybe you coud fill a request for enhancent at SF.

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