Subject Re: [ib-support] Best lanquage
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:34 PM 15-11-01 -0500, you wrote:
>May be a little off topic: I am sold on Firebird and need have several applications for it. Which is preferable programming language C++ or Visual Basic 6.

If those are your only two languages then look at the C/C++ area and the possibility of using the embedded approach (get hold of Borland's Embedded SQL manual). If you want a RAD solution with C++, consider using C++Builder, since you are richly supplied with direct connectivity options. With MSVC you can do direct-to-API programming very successfully.

If you are able to choose not to use VB, then choose not to use VB. You will be stuck with generic connectivity - ODBC with or without the BDE, ADO, OLEDB, etc.

If you are able to look at other development options, the first choice would be Delphi. Native BDE and CLX drivers are available but they are generic and definitely don't count among "best" for client/server or FB/IB. For Delphi/BCPP you would go with one of the direct-to-API options - IBX or FIB-Plus if you don't care about efficient meshing of logical tasks on the client with physical tasks on the server, IB Objects if you do. C++Builder runs alongside Delphi with these options since it is able to use Delphi classes.

If your horizons are broader, FB/IB have specific support with Perl (IB Perl and DBD::Interbase), Python (Kinterbasedb), PHP and, of course, Java (InterClient; with better stuff coming along in Firebird).

Really, Firebird/InterBase spoils you for choice!


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