Subject Re: [ib-support] SP to extract a week number
Author Doug Chamberlin
At 11/14/2001 06:23 AM (Wednesday), rvellacott@... wrote:
>Here in case anyone wants to use it, is a procedure to extract a week
>number, in the form 'yyyy/ww', and assuming weeks begin on Mondays.
>Can anyone make it more efficient or less inelegant?

I believe I heard somewhere that the ISO standard for numbering weeks of
the year calls for week 1 to be the first week of the year which contains a
Thursday. I'm not 100% sure of the definition but I know there is one so
you might want to adjust your procedure to conform to it. That way it will
hopefully be useful to a wider audience.

Anyone know of the official definition of "week of the year" numbering or a
source for determining it?