Subject Re: [ib-support] Switch UDFs between Linux and Windows
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:34 AM 13-11-01 +0200, Dorin wrote:
>I've used the FreeUDFLib.dll on a Windows platform. Now I have to move the
>Database on a Linux Platform. All works fine, except the procs using UDFs.
>How can I change the Library_name and the Entrypoint for the new Database ?

Unfortunately, it's not that simple. UDF code is platform-dependent so FreeUDFLib.dll won't work on Linux. Some libraries have both Windows and Unix versions but, unfortunately, FreeUDFLib isn't one of them.

Suggestions: look for a similar function in one of the other libraries that DOES have versions for both platforms (e.g. ib_udf or the new fbudf, or look on the UDF page of the Tools pages). Or, if the function from the FreeUDFLib is a "must have", see whether the Delphi code will recompile in Kylix as a shared object; or rewrite the function yourself in C or C++ and compile it yourself on Linux.


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