Subject Re: auto generated ID, default values???

I noticed this after I entered a manual SQL insert statement and that

--- In ib-support@y..., "Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@i...> wrote:
> At 04:34 PM 11/12/2001 +0000, zifnabbe@u... wrote:
> >I created a field with an autoincrement ID and not Null, primary
> >When I try to insert a record with no value in that specific field
> >get an error that the field must contain a value... this is
> >since I thought that the value would have been generated before
> >insert (as how the trigger is made).
> Some of the interfaces (e.g. IBX) check for plausible values
> for primary keys on insert statements, so the error may not be
> coming from Firebird, but from the interface layer. If so,
> just inserting a non-sense value (e.g. -1) should work.
> >Now, I made the field again and gave it a default value of 0. Now
> >when I try to create a new record, I get again the same error...
> >while now it should work, since I give a default value!
> I suspect that the interface tool you're using "knows" that
> default values don't work for primary key fields.
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> Ann
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