Subject Re: Generating UniqueID [2]

> 1. I don't see a way on creating it at the moment on database
level, eg GEN_GUID (I know Oracle has something like that).
> You can create a UDF for this task -- relatively simple. The need
>for a GEN_GUID function, though, has been noted in the Firebird
>feature requests.

Is there someone who can help me on sunch an UDF? This is one area I
haven't even touched of Interbase.

> > 2. Slower than using an INT64 key.
> Not, really once the value has been calculated but does depend on
the datatype used to store the GUID value (CHAR(36) vs. CHAR(26) vs.

Can you tell me more on this? Is this because the database isn't
optimized for chars?