Subject Re: Generating a unique ID
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> > Is using a GUID a good idea?
> We use GUIDs for our product. This way if someone has multiple
> remote laptop users that synchronize data, etc. and data from
> places needs to be merged into one database, you don't have ID
> collisions since they are globally unique IDs. We convert the GUID
> strip out the dashes and compress it using a base-36 (A-Z, 0-9)
> conversion on it so it isn't quite as long. It's still a farily
> string, but you shouldn't ever have to worry about two people
> having the same ID.

Can you provide me some information, code? (if possible) on how you
create this UID. The option of merging off-line data in a database is
interesting benefit of using GUID.

> David R.