Subject Re: [ib-support] Verifying actual parameters
Author Paul Reeves
Marcos Vinicius Dufloth wrote:

> I see that some parameters have an # at fist position (see
> and some have V4_ and
> ANY_ prefix, and some don't have the #. Why?

> There is a way to verify the actual parameters values on server?
> Or, I would to verify, for example, what is the value for LOCK_MEM_SIZE.

By default each entry in the config file is commented out. The value of each
parameter is the default value. So, the way to see the Server values is to
check the config file.

You can override some of the server level values...

1/ At the database level - Settings such as cache pages can be made by gfix or
gbak. Run gstat -h to read those values. (or make an api call under

2/ At connection level - some settings can be made via isc_database_attach.

There is an order of precedence - where possible the connection level will
override the database level which will override the server level. But there is
not a simple, consistent rule. For instance, a connection can not make the
number of cache pages smaller if an existing connection exists, but it can
make it bigger.

Is there a particular param you are concerned about?



Paul Reeves
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