Subject RE: [ib-support] interbase in debugger
Author H. Th. van der Meer

Of course I am happy to show you how I did it. But I think you'll find it
disappointing because it is very straightforward and I guess it is how you
did it.

I use Delphi professional and Interbase 6.0
The steps are:

1) make sure internbase and guardian are stopped.
2) Open you UDF project
3) set something like C:\Program Files\Borland\InterBase\bin\ibserver.exe as
your host application (run\parameters)
4) set -a as parameter to the application.
5) compile with debug info ( I didn't use td32 info or any checkings)
6) select a breakpoint in your UDF
6) hit F9 (run)
7) call your UDF and it should stop.

So really nothing special.
It this doesn't work post your compile options and we can compare notes.


Henk van der Meer
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