Subject RE: [ib-support] Multi processors in Linux
Author Leyne, Sean

> In Windows we have to use IBAffinity to allocate Interbase to
> one processor. What I do with Linux?

Probably nothing at all.

First, the reason for the IBAffinity (or the new AFFINITY_MASK setting
in Firebird "RC1" release) is that MS Windows does a very poor job of
task/thread managing the IBServer process, this is not really an issue
under *nix.

Windows tends to immediately task switch to a free CPU, the moment the
CPU is free. The net results is that the IBServer process is shuffled
from CPU to CPU -- which results is much slower performance (so much so
that it's almost not worth spending the money of the 2nd/3rd CPU).

Under *nux it is certainly true, though, that unless you are expecting a
good number of high activity database connections (or a high number of
low activity connections), the Classic engine will perform better on an
SMP server than the SuperServer engine.

Under the Classic model, each db connection is serviced by it's own
process/thread, thus the OS can manage the CPU/process/thread resources
effectively. The SuperServer model has a single process which does it's
own management for each db connection.

Sean Leyne

There is nothing wrong with Interbase,
that can't be fixed with Firebird.