Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: DBE and Interbase Query
Author Nando Dessena

> Well, I finally dug out my BDE admin and tried this. Amazingly, I am getting
> the same thing. And to think I have been typing masterkey in, all these years.
> That must be several minutes of my life wasted.
> Having just discovered this, my first inclination would be to think that the
> driver developers are just taking a punt and matching the default password up
> to SYSDBA. And this indeed appears to be the case.

Actually, as it appers the IB SQL Link is being smarter than that.
It is using the ISC_PASSWORD environment variable if you don't supply a
Well, to be precise I don't know if it's the BDE or the IB client.

The funny thing is that you still have to supply the user name, since it
won't default to 'SYSDBA' nor the ISC_USER environment variable, which
makes me think that it's the BDE: if it were the IB client then it
wouldn't have done only half the job.

I believe that also IBO does offer similar "facilities".