Subject Re: [ib-support] Security Problem
Author Daniel Rail
At 05/11/2001 06:35 AM, you wrote:
>Fred wrote:
>What's hackable?

If you mean by what's the definition, then it's when someone gains access
to a system without having any rights to access it. It's done by being
able to work around or disable the safety guards put in place.

There is not much that a good hacker can't get into. Everytime a new
security feature is put in place in a software, there's always a hacker
that wants to test it or tries to find another way in.

>Can you give some advice or example or encrypted?

There are a few encryption algorithms out there that you can use (i.e.:
Blowfish, RSA, etc...). We use Blowfish. A search on the web would give
you answers on how they work. Also, if you are using Delphi, some
components do exist. An example of data that would be encrypted are the
credit card numbers.

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