Subject Re: Can someone explain this PLAN !
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> For test purposes, have you tried timing the different
> queries?

Employee.gdb is not the best example but it is a simple way to
explain. In my production database I have one table with
more than 800.000 records and another with more than 500.000
records. If I write query that uses PLAN with simple JOIN
than query will give result records immediately but when
PLAN uses SORT I can wait a lot depend on query. I have on
my test computer (server) about 422.858 records and when SORT
is used it takes about 6 minutes. If SORT is not used I will get
records immediately (1 sec). My question is how can I force
PLAN. I tried different plans but FB or IB always complains that
that index can not be used. Can you give me example for
employee table I have tested.

Best Regards
Rado Antloga