Subject RE: [ib-support] Child Tables Problem Revisited
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 11:54 AM 11/2/2001 -0800, Bill Morrison wrote:

>Unfortunately, there is no slow period with this product, it's always going
>full blast.

Thought so....

>However, it appears that in my deletion sproc doing something like :
>delete * from sometable where pk=:thepk;
>select count(*) from sometable where pk=:thepk into :tempvariable;

It would work better if you did a commit in between since the old
record can't be removed until the new one (or absence of one) is
committed. If there is an order to the removal (e.g. you always
delete the lowest number) you might also try:

select count(*) from sometable where pk <= :thepk into :tempvariable;


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