Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: DBE and Interbase Query
Author Paul Reeves
Ross Simmons wrote:
> The version is 5.01. The really weird thing is that it's not only
> happening on my system. I can go elsewhere on the network to any
> other workstations.
> I can change the password to prevent users from stumbling across the
> bug but, lots of stuff like backup processes are hardcoded with that
> information.
> Is there anything else that you can suggest?

Well, I finally dug out my BDE admin and tried this. Amazingly, I am getting
the same thing. And to think I have been typing masterkey in, all these years.
That must be several minutes of my life wasted.

Having just discovered this, my first inclination would be to think that the
driver developers are just taking a punt and matching the default password up
to SYSDBA. And this indeed appears to be the case.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further