Subject Re: [ib-support] best tool for remote slow connection
Author Paul Schmidt
On 1 Nov 2001, at 15:49, Jason Wharton wrote:

> > Cable
> > is even worse - our best option is a satellite downlink, but
> > I need a faster up-link.
> I just got rid of my cable modem. It was far too flaky. It's download
> was great but the upload was lacking. Plus, it isn't a good
> multi-channel device.
> I replaced it with a (symmetrical business class) SDSL link to my
> house that provides 528K and I have the option of going up to 2.3M.
> Somehow I got lucky and landed within 400 ft of the main hub when I
> bought my last house. I have 13 fully routed static IP's and free DNS
> entries and web-space on a host machine, along with email, etc.
> Needless to say, I soon will not be co-locating anywhere. Nice thing
> about a symmetrical DSL line is your upload is just a great as the
> download and is in its own channel. Under $200 USD per month for all
> this is the best part.

How did you find out you were that close to the hub? Did the
phone company tell you, or the provider, or was there another way
to find out?


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies