Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Plan not working
Author Paul Reeves
rod@... wrote:
> yes - that is the exact command.
> In fact any table I use where I would use an index is not being
> chosen. Interbase always uses Plan Natural...

Well I just tried this:

select * from employee
where job_code='Eng'
order by last_name, first_name;

which is semantically the same query. There is a NAMEX index on last_name,
first_name and the plan generated is


This is actually tested against a very early version of Firebird, so I doubt
that it differs too much from InterBase. So, given that there is a consensus
that the plan should use the index for this type of query, what is it about
your database that is confounding this?

I guess we should start at the beginning - O/S, IB/Fb version, double check
the indexes exits and are active, phase of the moon etc.


Paul Reeves
taking InterBase further