Subject Re: [ib-support] Stalled FB Install on RH 7.1
Author John Bellardo

On Thursday, November 1, 2001, at 04:30 PM, J M Craig wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> (Sincere apologies if this is a double-post; e-mail aggrevations.)
> After way too many adjustments, retries, and tweaks, I'm still getting
> variations on "gethostbyname failed" errors whenever I try to run server
> or client.
> [...]
> My /etc/hosts.equiv file currently contains:
> localhost.localdomain

Have your tried adding "blacky.localdomain" to the hosts.equiv file?
Adding a plain "localhost" might help too.

I'm assuming this is from your /etc/hosts file:
> I've tried:
> localhost
> (apparently suggested by the doc_zamana.htm link--point #4)
> blacky localhost.localdomain localhost
> (copy of the "localhost" entry from /etc/hosts)

You shouldn't need to change your host file around unless you are not
connected to a network, is that the case? Does "blacky" have a valid
DNS entry somewhere? If so you don't want blacky as in your
hosts file. Create an additional line with blacky's real ip address,
followed by the host name blacky (and maybe blacky.localdomain).

> Various other permutations involving the name of the host "blacky"
> and so on.
> Anyone have any suggestions? (If I can't get this working soon, my boss
> is going to be unhappy that I chose Linux for the server....)