Subject Re: [ib-support] [] or ""
Author Paul Schmidt
On 29 Oct 2001, at 13:52, Ivan Prenosil wrote:

> > This begs the question: Why would anyone "want" case sensitive names
> > to begin with?
> I do not need nor want nor use case sensitive names.
> I do not need nor want nor use spaces in names either :-)
> Have you ever heard about C or Pascal programmer complaining
> about inability to use spaces in identifiers ? :-)
> But I understand that once there is feature (delimited identifiers)
> that allows non-standard characters in names, it is easier to
> implement it as case sensitive; otherwise you have to deal with
> collations.
> > I just can't see me naming 2 tables "MyTable" and "MYtable" in
> > the same database.
> ....
> > Here, the difference is in the interpretation of the quotes and
> > brackets. The quotes mean to take the case sensitive approach and
> > the brackets mean only that a special character exists in the name.
> > Again, we go back to the point of: Are case sensitive names really
> > necessary in a table or fieldname?
> IMHO not.
> Are case sensitive names necessary in C ? :-)

Case insensitivity is what has caused the problem, because some
languages and tools made JoeBlough JOEBLOUGH and joeblough
all equal to each other, programmers got sloppy when typing
identifiers, in C you have to be careful, because it is case sensitive,
just like Unix users are more careful with case then Windows
users, because the Unix file system is case sensitive.


Paul Schmidt
Tricat Technologies