Subject Re: Interbase to Firebird
> >I recently tried out Firebird on a linux pc.
> >Unfortunately, it told me that some tables were not correct (tables
> >created with interbase 6.0)
> That's odd. What was the exact message?

Well, I can't replicate that message quickly, since that would mean
I've to install firebird on the main server (Linux) again and this I
don't like that much... since that would mean during my tests the
server would be down.

I would like to wait for that. I've now installed firebird 2 beta on
windows and moved the databases over. I get an error message on some
tables : ISC ERROR CODE 335544569

Dynamic SQL Error
SQL error code = -804
Data type unknown
Client SQL Dialect 1 does not support reference to DATE datatype.

Well, I'm sure this isn't the problem I faced a the linux try, but
I'm already confused on this one...

The strange thing is that if I access the database on the Linux server
(which is the same) with the same computer as I did above, then I
don't get these messages! Everything works perfect.