Subject Re: [ib-support] [] or ""
Author Woody
From: "Ann W. Harrison" <aharrison@...>
> No. The SQL parsing is only the first step. The names are carried
> DSQL compilation and the generation of BLR. They then go to the main part
> of the engine where the blr is parsed and the result is compiled and
> Only at the end of that process have names been replaced with field and
> table ids. Those ids are transient - they change every time the database
> is restored from a backup. The name is the true identifier for a field
> or table. For DDL requests, of course, the names must be preserved
> Throughout the engine there are routines that compare names. If I had
> added quoted identifiers, I hope I would have had the sense to centralize
> those operations - something we may yet do to allow native language and
> long names. As it is, there is code everywhere that had to be taught to
> deal with spaces, for example. Claudio can expand on that, having found
> at least 4 different places that hadn't been fixed.

OK, thanks for clearing it up. I don't consider this a "necessary" change,
just a nice feature if possible. Other than that, I don't think it will
hinder me at all since I really try to steer clear of using other than
[a..z, _] in any names anyway.