Subject Re: [ib-support] [] or ""
Author Nando Dessena
Paul and Woody,

> > The basic question is, is there an SQL standard way of doing the
> > same thing? If there is then it should be adopted... Otherwise,
> > sure why not "Joe Blough" <> "JOE BLOUGH" but [Joe Blough] =
> > [JOE BLOUGH] However it should happen for dialect 5 (they went
> > from 1 to 3, so I assume the next one is 5). So that it doesn't
> > "break" any existing code that might be out there.

Dialect 2 is actually used (even though rarely); they know how to count.

> AFAIK, brackets are not used anywhere in the SQL-92 standard right now. So,
> adding them for this case shouldn't hurt anything in previous versions.

I think they are used for arrays.
My personal opinion is that square brackets as delimiters are ugly.

> However, I am of the opinion that it would be much better for the standard
> to be changed and adopted in SQL-92 rather than just in IB or FB. Anyone
> know how to make these types of suggestions to the great SQL gods that write
> the standards?

If you need it adopted for 2020 then you may be just in time right now.