Subject Re: [ib-support] Is Interbase Server Running?
Author M Tuttle
Hi Sean,

Thanks for the reply.

> > How can I check to see if the IB_Server is running on the
> > server from the client workstation?
> You need to investigate using the IB API, this is the only real way to
> determine if IB/Firebird is running on a remote server.

I'm kind of new to this stuff. Can you tell me specifically what I'm
looking for or maybe a little example code?

I simply want a way to determine if IBServer is running on a WinNT or Novell

Basically when my app starts up, I receive several error messages and access
violations if the IBServer is not running and I simply want a graceful way
to terminate my app without all these errors and AV's

Any additional help welcomed.