Subject Re: [ib-support] best tool for remote slow connection
Author Woody
From: "Artur Anjos" <arsoft@...>
> Paul:
> I agree with you when you say that "most database transmissions are less
> then 1K in size, without a lot of repeating..."
> We really don't need the lack of compression there. We did not notice that
> we are working in a slow connection also. But if you are building a
> for example, and fetching a lot of data from the server on a slow
> connection, compression will be nice. What I was saying that will be nice
> FB could check when or not to compress the data, according to the length
> data to be fetch. That' I'm shure that will make a difference in Slow
> connections.
> I was speaking about encripting at the same time, because if the driver
> changed to use compression, it will be easy also to add encription. I know
> that VPN software can do the job, but...
> Well, I was just dreaming...

My own opinion is that it won't be too long before slow connections will be
so obsolete that changing the underlying database engines for them now would
be more trouble than it's worth. I realize that in the US slow connections
may not be as much a problem as other places around the world, but I still
think that digital communications will be replacing all analog in the near
enough future not to warrant too much concern about it. It doesn't do much
for the people who have to rely on it now, though, but it's like saying
there are still people using 16 bit operating systems so we should stay
"compatible" with them.