Subject Re: [ib-support] LISTEN
Author raptor
Yep :") I'm doing it that way.... but I was wondering, i see now many
programs comes binded to libwrap (rsync, sendmail to name a few), so that
they can use the rules in hosts.allow/deny ...(of course if compiled with
this support).
Is it easy this to be done for FB too and does it worth it... !! I mean
adding the SS under libwrap control not under inetd/xinetd control ...if u
understand me right...

| raptor wrote:
| > Sorry I ddin't specified fully... I mean listening on say interface
| > eth0(f.e. and, but not listening on
| > ppp0-interface(f.e. 217.34.X.Y) .. gotcha
| You will need to use ipchains or sth. the like to do this,
| FB doesn't know anything about interfaces.
| Frank