Subject Re: [ib-support] DB transformation
Author Andreas Pohl
Maybe is worth to have a look at

I've got some problems with primary keys and I do not want to equalize generator values at all but it's working for me.

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Andreas Pohl

> > What I have in mind u have some DB shema which already is running on
> > Production server.. but during the development u see that U
> > remove/add/update fields and tables, but before update the production
> server
> > u need to be sure that all the data from Production server is transffered
> to
> > the new DB with w/o loosing data (of cource if there is no dramatic
> changes
> > to the shema that can not accomodate these changes)..
> >
> > So what tools, tehniques, aotamization-scripts u use ... any things to be
> > aware in advance....
> > Also links on the theme ... at all .. everything that comes to your mind
> > about this..
> >