Subject RE: [ib-support] View or Stored Procedure
Author Gerhardus Geldenhuis
I got it to work.
Just wrote a sql script.
Works like a charm.
Learn something everyday which means I ask less and less
stupid questions. :-))


> Gerhardus,
> > I cant get the trigger to fire. Maybe I am doing something
> > wrong. I create this database totally from scratch so as to
> > eliminate any other problems. I try to edit the data with
> > IBW.
> IBW probably needs some means of identifying the rows to perform an
> update; I don't know just how to tell it what the "pk" of the view is.
> What I know is that a regular UPDATE statement against the view does
> fire the trigger as expected.
> Always remember that if you want an updatable view based on
> aggregations, you still need to find a way to identify each row of the
> view, otherwise you loose the ability of performing single-record
> updates with tools like IBW or in general Delphi's "live queries".
> Ciao