Subject Re: This is a BUG !?!
Thank you for the information, that ended for leaving me sadder

This GDB, in terms of data, is small. He contains a lot of Views and
Tables (something between 30 and 40).

Like him it is part of a system that is being developed, what he/she
has the contecido it is a certain amount of maintenance in the views
(DROPs and CREATEs).

As it is part of a system that is being developed, what is happen
with it is a certain amount of maintenance on views (DROPs and
CREATEs). This fact could corrupt some system table of the database?

For precaution I deleted all views, operated a bkp/rst and recreated
all views again. The error (problem) still continues. I perceived
that exactly before recreated those views, the error still existed
with the attempt to see the fields of any table. Stranger not?

I Stow thinking about the possibility to extract all the data and re-
create the DB and re-import these data. Exists some good tool that I
can do this? I say, easy, simple and trustworthy.

It will be this procedure (Would help) would decide the problem?



--- In ib-support@y..., "Claudio Valderrama C." <cvalde@u...> wrote:
> You have received the benefit of an honorable bug. I
say "honorable" because
> it riddled IB4, then it f***ed IB5 and it still spoils IB6 and FB.
It may be
> related to a weird "conversion error" when sorting some data,
that's another
> strange bug.
> If you can distill a very small db with only a couple of records
and the bug
> still happens, it will be a good test case for Firebird.
> C.
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