Subject Re: [ib-support] YAB ? (Yet Another Bug)
Author Louis van Alphen
At 12:24 2001-10-11 +0100, you wrote:

> > This is one of the main reasons why we will probably swutch to another
> > database, e.g. SQL Server, etc. It will be a great pity, because I really
> > like IB and the projects I have done on it run beautifully...
>1. I don't think SQL Server will allow you to do metadata changes on fly,
>but please correct me if I am wrong. Certainly Sybase didn't.

I am not 100% sure myself, but my wife works with it and says it can. Still
need to investigate though...

>2. If you switched to SQL Server how much would it cost you?

In terms of server licences, not much in terms of money. I would still use
IB for small-medium projects. Something else for large projects though.
Then cost isn't really too much of an issue anyway. In terms of
development, it will cost a little bit, but I would only do it on new
projects. Training will obvoisly cost some money...

> > Isn't there a way to as an optional feature, propagate SP changes
>IBPhoenix currently generates some money to try and support the work that is
>done here by Ann, Claudio, John, Mike, Mark etc but we are not exactly a
>cash rich organisation. If you wanted to sponsor, i.e. pay for a feature to
>be developed I am sure we would be delighted to directly allocate resources
>to the task and try and find a solution. This goes for anybody who has a
>specific desire to see something fixed or added. Otherwise we rely on what
>the developers want to do, and feel like fixing :-)

I appreciate the work that has (and still is) going into IB/FB. I one can
get rid of the "$%# object in use" situation, I will be very happy. This is
a regular pain in the butt... but then maybe I am the only one finding this
frustrating. When I developed a large system on my own, it was OK, but with
a large team it takes a lot more management. However, we have put
development procedures in place that gets around this problem.

I find IB *very* reliable and hassle free once the system runs, but often
there are a lot of niggly things when you do changes. E.g. changing a SP
arguments when other depend on it causes a lot of problems that IB does not
catch. I know it is something that has to be managed with proper
development procedures, but sometimes junior programmers are a bit too
quick with their keyboard....

Incidently, do you have any idea what the cross section between Delphi and
IB users are? Or are the only IB user Delphi users?