Subject Re: Why is Interbase so slow?
Author Carlos Yu
I agree. BDE isn't exactly the fastest or the most stable tool to
use. We made the mistake of deploying a POS solution using BDE once
and experienced a lot of problems, mainly speed related, especially
after the software had been running for a few hours. Since we were
only using DBFs for the database, we ended up buying a third party
API and replaced BDE. Since then, we have had no problems.

We don't really have big databases running on Firebird, but we do
have an update intensive intranet application that gets about 5 to 10
thousand read/update requests an hour. The app was written using the
Interbase API and runs efficiently on a Cobalt Applicance Server with
128MB RAM. This has proven to me that Firebird is pretty stable at
handling concurrency.

Carlos Yu
CYWare Inc.

--- In ib-support@y..., Svein Erling Tysvær
<svein.erling.tysvaer@k...> wrote:
> >I have settled on ditching IB - thanks for all your help - but I
> >to give fast results - in minimum time and after 5 years with IB -
> >and all the tools and selling I have done - that's it - no more -
> >credibility is shot - my customers blame me/my company for poor db
> >response - not IB or MS SQL.
> >
> >I am using the BDE, so will transfer all the data, rework the
> >generator stuff and re-write the db procedures.
> >
> >Helen, I respect and thank you for your fine efforts to all IB
users -
> >but this has got too much - I need fast replies from my db - and I
> >can see much better options without IB - sorry.
> Sad to hear this, John. Many people have been in a similar
situation to you
> and I guess you're not the first to decide upon ditching IB. Still,
I am
> somewhat surprised that you drop IB before you drop the BDE! I've
> tried using IB with the BDE, but have heard about others being
> with it (e.g. Lester I think). I'm using IB with IBO and it works
> great! No doubt does IB have quirks and is apparently the guilty
party of
> your particular problem, but your experience is only using the
worst known
> frontend (well, I don't know about that many) against the engine.
> IBO lets you create your programs quickly and then you can use some
of the
> time you save to write stored procedures to cover for IB's
weaknesses. So
> I'll advice you to give IB yet another shot, but with a front end
that works.
> Set