Subject Re: [ib-support] Destination Host Unreachable
Author Woody
From: "Charlie Kerscher" <charliekerscher@...>
> Hi,
> My client has a SBS v4.5 (Microsoft Small Business Server - NT) and uses
> Order/Entry app that is written in Delphi using Interbase. Until Fri all
> worked okay; but this morning two of the 8 users are not able to run the
> from there computers. When they ping the server (PING the get
> Destination Host Unreachable. However they are able to access the server
> using Explorer.
> When they run the app the get:
> ISC Error Code: ..5544721
> ISC Error Message: Unable to complete network request to host (
> Failed to establish a connection
> Unknown Win32 error 10065.
> Any Ideas???

Sounds like something might have changed their IP or subnet mask. It's
possible that unloading and reloading the TCP/IP protocol could solve the
problem or you can check the settings to make sure they are right.