Subject Re: [ib-support] Can't insert foreign key constraint
Author Ann W. Harrison
>On Sunday, October 7, 2001, at 09:03 AM, Helen Borrie wrote:
> >>> Has IBConsole by any chance created case-sensitive identifiers in your
> >> database? ...
> >>>
> > At 04:47 PM 07-10-01 +0200, Carsten Schaefer wrote:
> >> As i wrote:On another DB with same metadata but with much less data it
> >> works!

At 09:39 AM 10/7/2001 -0700, John Bellardo wrote:

>A little while ago there were additional constraints added to the
>metadata in Firebird. Could it be possible the trigger is stopping an
>insert into the RDB$REF_CONSTRAINTS table? You could try an older build
>of Firebird to see if it works. I think the additional metadata
>constraints were not in beta 1.

I agree with John that the problem is likely to be in constraints,
but think that it is a long standing problem that surfaces from time
to time when the parent table has both a primary key and an unique
index. Something way deep in the constraints fails and the failure
cascades, resulting in the "constraint not defined" message.


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