Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: Why is Interbase so slow?
> >I have settled on ditching IB - thanks for all your help - but I have
> >to give fast results - in minimum time and after 5 years with IB -
> >and all the tools and selling I have done - that's it - no more - my
> >credibility is shot - my customers blame me/my company for poor db
> >response - not IB or MS SQL.
> >
> >I am using the BDE, so will transfer all the data, rework the
> >generator stuff and re-write the db procedures.
> >
> >Helen, I respect and thank you for your fine efforts to all IB users -
> >but this has got too much - I need fast replies from my db - and I
> >can see much better options without IB - sorry.
> Sad to hear this, John. Many people have been in a similar situation to you
> and I guess you're not the first to decide upon ditching IB. Still, I am
> somewhat surprised that you drop IB before you drop the BDE! I've never
> tried using IB with the BDE, but have heard about others being troubled
> with it (e.g. Lester I think). I'm using IB with IBO and it works just
> great! No doubt does IB have quirks and is apparently the guilty party of
> your particular problem, but your experience is only using the worst known
> frontend (well, I don't know about that many) against the engine.
> IBO lets you create your programs quickly and then you can use some of the
> time you save to write stored procedures to cover for IB's weaknesses. So
> I'll advice you to give IB yet another shot, but with a front end that works.

I'll second that.

BDE has major problems when it tries to play with the bigger
Client/Server systems, and it's not 24/7.

There are niggles in Interbase that cause slow performance
which I have posted a couple of times, but I am now running
200Mb databases in a couple of sites with sub-second
performance and 24/7 reliability via IBO. And it does not
cost the customer any more when they add users.

I just reengineer the problem for the best results when I
find a slow action. In some cases it is better to do a
'link' in the application and two ( or more ) query
components rather than relying on the server to get it right
quickly in a single query. That may be a 'bug' but the
answer is fast and controlled.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services