Subject RE: [ib-support] Decodeing GDS Lock Print
Author Griffin, Patrick J.
Ann, Thanks for you help.

You asked "What does the history look like?"

I hadn't thought of looking there, but checking it now I see that it is
flooded with activity from the users who weren't blocked. There were no
records shown with that Lock Block number.

I took a look in the Event Log portion and saw entries like:

(Occurred 5 times) DEL_OWNER: owner = 901460, lock = 901460, request =

(Occurred once) DEL_OWNER: owner = 901460, lock = 1587712, request
= 0
(Occurred once) DEL_OWNER: owner = 901460, lock = 939412, request =

[owner 901460 pointed to the task I killed to free up the system, but I
assume these entries may represent tasks that occupied that slot earlier and
are not related to this challenge.]

You also asked "Are your various owners in different groups?"

Err, yes. I think so. Well, the truth is I'm not really sure what you're
asking. All of our users have been grouped by department, so there would be
many users trying to read this table and all of them may have different Unix
Group ID's. Additionally, all users are members of the PRODUCTION group,
and it's membership in this group that grants them access to the local
Production Database files. None of these users actually appear in isc4.gdb.
I should mention that this is a uni-processor server - if that's related to
what you're asking.

To keep everything in perspective the system continues running fine, as a
precaution I think I'll reboot it this weekend, but I'd still love to know
more about what happened.