Subject Re: [ib-support] Problems with Odbc
Author Helen Borrie
What version of InterBase?
Which ODBC driver?

What character set?


At 01:58 PM 27-12-00 +0100, you wrote:
>I would like to submit you some problems we encountered by using the ODBC
>drivers for interbase
>During the copy of text values from the clipboard and by using the
>following VBA code (for Access 2000), the certain field in my DB is filled
>with null characters (mostly one or two but, in some records, the
>remaining space in the field is filled with them).
>The code is the following:
>Sub RemNullChr() 'uses DAO 3.6
>Dim Dbs As Database, Rst As Object, j As Long, ID As Long
>Dim SQLStr As String, Stringa As String, Charfound As Long
>Set Dbs = CurrentDb
>On Error Resume Next
>With Dbs
>' the fields Description and Description2 contain text (VarChar(5000))
>Set Rst = .OpenRecordset(SQLStr, dbOpenDynaset)
>While Not Rst.EOF
>ID = Rst.Fields("id").Value
>Stringa = Rst.Fields("Description").Value
>Charfound = InStr(1, Stringa, Chr(0))
>If Charfound > 0 Then
>Debug.Print ID, Charfound
>Stringa = Left(Stringa, Charfound - 1)
>Rst.Fields("Description2").Value = "" 'through this one the null Char
>won't be added
>Rst.Fields("Description2").Value = Stringa ' The null char will be added
>at the end of the string
>End If
>End With
>End Sub
>Moreover, I noticed that some words in the field "DESCRIPTION" are cut,
>thus, I write or copy from the clipboard into a text box control in a
>Access 2000 form which is bound to that field. After finishing the
>copy-paste/write operation, I check out what I have done inside Access (by
>using the navigation buttons on the form). Everything seems to be all right.
>Several days later a further check fails because of word cutting (and/or
>as described above, because of null chars placed at the end of the
>string). In the meanwhile in those records nothing else is modified by any
>other user.
>Thanks in advance for your reply.
>Best regards
>Carlo Pettirossi
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