Subject RE: [ib-support] Benchmarks
Author Leyne, Sean

There is both a simple and a complex answer to your question.

Simple answer is "not really". <grin>

The complex answer is;

In most cases, the software license of the DBMS specifically prohibits
publishing performance comparisons (Not IB but MS and Oracle).

Then, there's the whole "mind" game which is played around the TPC
results - yea, I just happen to have a IBM cluster server with 1024
processors, 1 Tb of storage and 500Gb of RAM sitting here waiting to run
your test..

In other cases, the DBMS are so diametrically different (IB vs. mySQL)
that it makes "apples vs oranges" look like a non-issue.

Then, you then get into the whole, which PC setup (OS, motherboard bus,
RAM, raid controller...) is better then another... let's not even
mention IB classic vs superserver for 10, 50 or 100 connections.


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Exists there any Benchmarks, which compare IB with other DB's ?


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