Subject Re: help with docs cleanup for pyfirebirdsql installation.txt
Author mariuz
--- In, "mariuz" <mariuz@...> wrote:
> In the old instalation there was a need for compiler i think we can remove the requirments for compiler ?
> also the hard stuff will come with the threading
> I will try to understand what is there first
> ps: what is left in the tutorial to test is calling a stored procedure
> I will try with the employee procedure to see if it works
> You can help with the cleanup by taking one file from sphinx folder
> tutorial [DONE]
> changelog [DONE Needs 0.6.3 changes]
> links [DONE]
> ------------
> installation [Working]

Installation [DONE]
please review
Python db api is a copy from upstream
So i can say that is [DONE]

Updated list with cleanup list is

tutorial [DONE]
links [DONE]
installation [DONE]
Python-DB-API-2.0 [DONE]