Subject Re: Using Firebird ODBC driver with PyQT on Linux Mint
Author the.weavster
> I use native python driver (kinterbasedb) with PyQt. All work.
I've also used kinterbasedb, I was just interested to try QT SQL.

> Also Qt have driver for Firebird/Interbase - QIBASE. Its work.
It seems all the QT SQL drivers are available from the Ububntu repository except the Firebird one.

> And QODBC work. :)
Have you used QT SQL with the firebirdsql ODBC driver for Linux? It could be me, I'm quite a Python newbie:

query = PyQt4.QtSql.QSqlQuery()
query.exec_("SELECT * FROM EMPLOYEE")
if query.isActive():
print 'query is active'
myField = query.value(1).toString()
print myField

print 'finished traversing records'

This prints 'query is active' and 'finished traversing records' but never succeeds. I'm connected to the FireBird demo database.

As I said before the same SQL using the same dsn works fine from PureBasic.