Subject Re: Using Firebird ODBC driver with PyQT on Linux Mint
Author the.weavster
> > I have downloaded the latest Linux ODBC driver from firebirdsql and I'm trying to run a SELECT statement against the example database but the statement doesn't seem to get executed. I get no database error message back from the driver but I get this error message in the console:
> >
> > SCH: mutex lock error, status = 13
> this might be a firebird bug
> what version do you use ?
> also i would try to use the python driver with firebird

I think it might be an incompatability with QT (or PyQT)

I can connect and run the SELECT statement using the same DSN from PureBasic and traverse the returned records so it doesn't seem to be the driver.

In PyQT4 after I've called the SELECT statement query.isActive() returns true but I can not then traverse the records with