Subject Re: [firebird-php] Frameworks with Firebird Support as of 2018
Author Lester Caine
On 19/03/18 05:04, Daniel Miller dmiller@... [firebird-php] wrote:
> Are there any PHP frameworks with current Firebird support presently?
> It looks like the CakePHP driver via Composer isn't being maintained.
> Yii looks a little outdated - actually more issues with compatibility
> with the current Framework as opposed to Firebird!  I don't see anything
> for Zend presently.  What am I missing (hopefully/probably a lot)?
> I'm not finding anything "built-in" to any framework as part of their
> primary databases - are there supported extensions anybody's using with
> current versions?

ADOdb ( has seen something of a revival and supports
firebird amongst a range of other databases. The problem is that many
frameworks switched too early from ADOdb to PDO thinking it was going to
be better, and then found they could not even run Postgres in parallel
with MySQL so took the easy option and ended up 'single database' :(

I use a system called Bitweaver which is based on ADOdb for the database
abstraction, and I have a couple of 'restorations' of frameworks such as
PHPGEDView which are running ADOdb rather than PDO. Also there is a
driver for Zend ... or at least there was ... been I while since I
played with it as I dropped the frameworks I was trying to make work
with it. Not enough hours in the day! PDO was never the right 'solution'
to the database abstraction problem :(

With Firebird being supported by Libreoffice I am hopeful that there
will be some cross fertilization into other areas. A Firebird port of
Wordpress was being worked on at one time, but the core stuff there is
rather too reliant on MySQL these days and any remnants of an
abstraction layer are difficult to find.

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