Subject Re: [firebird-php] timestamp milliseconds
Author Lester Caine
On 06/10/17 02:43, 'Daniel Miller' dmiller@... [firebird-php] wrote:
> After further review of the docs - I see that the ibase_ functions
> return timestamps based on the php.ini ibase.timestampformat setting.
> And this is used by the strftime function - which has no provision for
> subsecond information.
> I consider this a Php-Firebird bug - and have filed one accordingly -
> Guess I'll continue to use my
> workaround in the meantime.

Which version of PHP are you on?
I'm still not understanding why you are not getting the fraction ... I
have the other problem, but it must be that I'm getting the timestamps
as a string rather than a firebird 'value' ... I'm actually using ADOdb
rather than ibase_ ( actually fbird_ alias ) so I'll have a look direct.

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