Subject Re: [firebird-php] Using events
Author Lester Caine
On 25/08/15 22:33, amfesvp@... [firebird-php] wrote:
> Assuming I've got that part right - over in php land I have the
> following. Obviously I'm doing something wrong - I just have no clue
> what yet. The output of the below gives me my two sanity checks - but
> nothing from the loop.


Been a long time since I actually used events ... probably back to
Interbase days and so only with windows applications. Not found a need
yet in PHP ones, but that is probably more to do with the fact that most
applications are cross database and nothing else can emulate the facility ;)

Scraping the grey cells ...
ibase_wait_event( $dbh, "raw_line_handler" )
"raw_line_handler" needs to be the name of the event being created and
you can have up to 15 set, so the return is the actual one that was

The problem is that I'm not sure if this has been fully tested recently.
Anybody using it?

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