Subject Re: [firebird-php] php7 master branch warning (work in progress)
Author Lester Caine
On 25/08/14 17:12, mapopa@... [firebird-php] wrote:
> In php 7 a few tests do fail after phpng merge

I'm currently wasting time deep inside php-src trying to get a handle on
just what is and is not working on interbase driver.

I've got a working parallel test system with PHP5.4,PHP5.6.5 and PHP7
and functionality wise on my systems it is working fine, but there are
some niggles with the test suit and warnings in the compiles which may
or may not be related.

FAIL InterBase: BLOB test [tests/004.phpt]
FAIL InterBase: transactions [tests/005.phpt]
FAIL InterBase: array handling [tests/007.phpt]

I'm just not up to speed enough on C to understand some of the things
going on, but I have picked up an ib_interprete which I've tidied up
locally to fb_interpret but obviously need an interbase compatible fix.

But main problem seems to be with PHP's changes to types so that I get

comparison between pointer and integer
assignment makes integer from pointer without a cast
from incompatible pointer type

In addition I've got a few zend_get_parameters_ex() entries which need
upgrading, but I can't find any crib sheet as to how to switch to the
new zend style while maintaining compatibility with PHP5

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