Subject Re: [firebird-php] Choice of PHP Driver for Doctrine Implementation
Author Lester Caine
On 17/11/14 20:23, Daniel Falkner Hansen dfh@... [firebird-php]
> We’re in the process of migrating a large project to Symfony, and would
> really like to utilize the features of the bundled Doctrine project
> (ORM, Schema migrations etc.)
> Unfortunately, Firebird is not supported, and the Doctrine team lacks
> experience / use cases for it. So I’ve taken the first steps in dong the
> implementation myself, and created at fork at github
> ( The end goal is an implementation
> with full support, and merging into the Doctrine project.
> At first I started with implementing the pdo_firebird driver, but now I
> am unsure which of the supported Firebird PHP drivers I should
> implement. Therefore I would like to know more about the two drivers in
> question before proceeding:
> * Who are the maintainers / backers of the respective drivers?
> * From your point of view, which is and will be the best supported
> driver for PHP >= 5.5?

The pdo_firebird driver is not the best supported simply because a
number of important facilities in Firebird and Interbase do not fit the
simple base line that pdo restricts things to.

The Interbase driver is still the best base for Firebird despite the
split in functionality in more recent developments of the two engines.

We do need some more work to ensure the driver will work fully with PHP7
and Marius has been doing that.

> PS.: If there’s anyone on the mailing list that could have interest in
> engaging in the Firebird Doctrine project, let me know.

Personally I'm still 'winding back' projects which had moved from ADOdb
and generic drivers to PDO in order to restore better cross database
working. I find this more than adequate schema management and provides a
clean cross database platform with PDO as a secondary option only if
necessary, but since you seem to have a working Oracle driver I would
not anticipate much trouble cloning that to create a functional
Interbase version. SQL is compatible and most of the same restrictions

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