Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: php case insensitive field access
Author Lester Caine
jackdmason wrote:
> We are using PHP 5.2 with InterBase 6 at present but want to switch to Firebird. We have been told the interface from PHP is the same as that for InterBase. Our web hosting companies have reluctantly enabled the InterBase/Firebird interface in php.ini and used whatever Interbase.dll accompanied the PHP version.

If you have a working Interbase link, then that will work exactly the same into
a Firebird database! There is no difference, although if it's using the PHP
supplied client it is rather old and that may cause problems. Ideally you would
use a more modern client for later builds of Interbase and Firebird.

> You mention ADOdb as an interface to Firebird. I have not looked at that. If that improves the interface, we can switch...

If you have existing code then it may be a distraction. ADOdb allows easy cross
database working and yet retains a good performance on any database.

> I haven't seen CONTAINING in InterBase but assume it must do a case insensitive search such as WHERE NAME CONTAINING 'Ralph' as opposed to WHERE NAME LIKE 'Ralph%'? If so, that would not only provide us with what we need, but improve our search capability for other fields.

It's new to me as well - seems it's been around for a long time and should work
with Interbase!

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