Subject Re: Simultaneous Connections
Author slobtrot
Why do you need to know the exact amount of connections?

Do you use persistent connections? If not, the amount of connections depend on how often you open/close the connection in your application.

If you use persistent connections then:
8 computers
opening 4 separate persistent connections
= 32 simultaneous connections

Why don't you use something like wireshark to find out for yourself what goes on at the server?

> If I have two more applications on each of those 8
>computers opening 2 of the same databases, is that
>counted as more simultaneous connections?

I think this completely depends on how you implemented those connections in your own application.

If this is a problem for some reason, then rewrite your apps to use one database module on each computer that optimizes the connections (e.g. only opens 1 persistent connection to each DB) and has an API that your apps call, and let the apps only call that local module instead of talking directly to the server. OR; write your own DB->HTTP-API serverside-application, and let your apps fetch data over HTTP when they need it, and have that DB-HTTP module worry about what connections to make and when etc...

--- In, "jackdmason" wrote:
> The documentation says on Classic and SuperClassic allow simultaneous connections to a database. What is that?
> If I have 8 computers concurrently opening 4 databases on a Firebird server, how many simultaneous connections is that?
> If I have two more applications on each of those 8 computers opening 2 of the same databases, is that counted as more simultaneous connections?