Subject Re: [firebird-php] Changing default (IBASE_DEFAULT) transaction isolation level
Author Lester Caine
mariuz wrote:
>>> It seems a interface design fault, in runtime configuration there should
>>> > >be a ibase.default_trans_isolation parameter to be set for the
>>> > >interface, but there's not.
>>> > >
>>> > >BTW: there's not for OCI8, ProsgresSQL, MySQL...
>> >
>> >
>> >add a bug/feature on and if you have time a patch and i will add
>> >it
> I have added a new feature request


I've not needed to play with the c level code although I have built the driver
in windows in the past. I've just had a scout around the source and can see the
IBASE_DEFAULT definition is not actually setting anything, so the question is
where does the default transaction get configured?

On my own configuration of ADOdb I set
and this is used normally via ibase_trans() so I've not worried about the
'default'. However I can't quite get my head around the 'c' code and work out
what set any default for the transaction. Is this something that 'defaults' to
what the client creates ... which is what I had thought.

I do think that it is time we have a switch to php_firebird ? And start
targeting some of the firebird features that while I don't use them myself I'm
sure would enhance things?

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