Subject Re: [firebird-php]
Author Lester Caine
Steve Rayner wrote:
> My problem is that the Firebird.msg file is not backwards compatible so i
> need both a 2.5 and an 1.5 version.
> However it seems that interbase.dll looks for this in the Firebird_2_5
> folder. I need to trick it into looking in the Firebird_1_5 folder.
> I wondered if this had been improved in newer versions of interbase.dll. Or
> maybe i could look at the source code for interbase.dll to figure it out
> what it's doing. I'm not sure where interbase.dll is maintained.

I don't think this is anything to do with php_interbase.dll ? It is the client
that finds the .msg file and so I don't think you can do anything in PHP end to
change it. I think you need to ask on the main list about how the client locates
the message file.

php_interbase is currently on github but hopefully that will change back to some time.;a=tree;f=ext/interbase;h=063bdcd08db6bf58af410cc6e9c04ec2dbd52f14;hb=HEAD

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